Banana Screens

Banana Screens

Hewitt Robins Banana-Screens are designed for high capacity screening and come as wide as 3.6m. They can handle capacities up to 4000tph.

Banana Screens come with a screen deck at 3 different angles and this is to achieve high capacity, efficient screening. They are both Linear and Circular motion screens and are typically fitted with a twin-shafted, 8 bearing unit mounted above the screen frame.

The majority of Hewitt Robins Banana-Screens are custom designed to fit into existing structures and buildings when current machines are in need of replacement.

Hewitt Robins International Ltd Banana Screens can be designed speci´Čücally to suit your application.




  • To separate feed materials into different sizes at high capacities and high efficiency screening using a multi slope deck configuration.
  • Sectors

  • Quarrying, Mining, Construction, Steel, Recycling
  • Minerals Processed

  • Metallic and non-metallic ores (e.g copper, gold, iron ore, lead, nickel, manganese ore, bauxite, Sand & Gravel, Limestones, granites, clays, phosphates, coal, hot sinter, cold sinter, fertilizer, potash, asphalt)

Banana Screens by Hewitt Robins International Gallery