Asphalt Screens

Hewitt Robins has supplied a wide range of replacement screens for asphalt plants over the years.

Our Asphalt Screens can come in any shape or size and can range from 0.5m-2.5m in width and 1.0m-8.0m in length. Hewitt Robins can supply single deck Asphalt screens right up to 7 deck Asphalt Screens. With our experience in vibrating equipment and high-temperature applications, we have the capability to manufacture customised vibrating screens to suit customer requirements.​

Replacement Asphalt Vibrating Screens are designed to fit into the existing installation with minimal modifications required to the existing chutes, underpans and bins. Our range of Asphalt Screens can also be supplied with dust encapsulation by fully enclosed steel cabinets or by the use of silicone rubber enclosures.​

We can offer a number of different designs of Asphalt Screens with various excitor units. Our smaller Asphalt Screens typically incorporate bolt-on outerbalance motors. The standard type of inclined Asphalt Screen will incorporate a single-shafted central vibrator unit and the bigger low angle Asphalt Screens incorporate an overhead twin-shafted vibrator unit. Both oil and grease lubrication is available however, this will be determined depending on the application and operating temperatures. 

Hewitt Robins has experience of supplying vibrating equipment in high-temperature applications up to 1000c. We have used our technology and incorporated this into our Asphalt Screen range when processing RAP materials. When materials are in excess of 250c Hewitt Robins supplies a water-cooled vibrator unit which keeps the vibrating units at lower operating temperatures and allows the screens to run for many years. When handling RAP Hewitt Robins aims to install the vibrator unit above the machine, away from the high temperatures.



  • To separate feed materials into different sizes using a multi deck Asphalt Screen
  • Sectors

  • Quarrying, Mining, Construction, Steel, Recycling, Foundry
  • Minerals Processed

  • A combination of aggregate (crushed rock and / or sand) and bitumen (derived from crude oil).

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