Successful Install of a Double-Deck Asphalt Screen

02 Feb 2024

Hewitt Robins is pleased to announce the successful supply and installation of a custom-designed 1.5 x 4.0 double deck Asphalt Screen for one of our customers.

Faced with frequent bearing failures due to an outdated, single-shaft screen, our client required a durable and efficient solution. In response, we provided a bespoke double deck screen, fully sealed and equipped with an overhead unit to mitigate the impact of high temperatures.

This innovative design not only offers enhanced space within the screen building but also significantly improves maintenance accessibility.

The LPE-9 1500 x 4000 Double Deck Asphalt Screen has been in operation for over four months, demonstrating exceptional performance and reliability. We are confident it will continue to serve our client's needs for many years to come.

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