Hewitt Robins Non-Discharging Shakeouts

Non-Discharging Shakeout

Hewitt Robins Heavy-Duty Non-Discharging Shakeouts are designed to provide speedy removal of mold sand and cores from the largest castings.

They can withstand the impact required for absolute cleaning of ingot molds, machinery foundations, engine blocks, wind turbine castings and other extremely large castings.

The largest single shakeouts can handle go up to 5m x 5m in deck size and handle deck loads up to nearly 200 tons.

The Hewitt Robins Non-Discharging Shakeouts can be either oil or grease lubricated and have one, two or four-shafted vibrator units which are acknowledged as the most reliable in the industry and can provide a powerful shaking action which gives these units their operating characteristics.

These shakeouts are available in Single, Dual or Quad units which could handle the largest flasks up to 10m x 10m in size with up to 400 tons deck load capacity.




  • To provide speedy removal of mold sand and cores from castings which are lifted on and off the shakeouts.
  • Sectors

  • Foundry
  • Minerals Processed

  • Ferrous Sands (iron and steel) and non-ferrous Sands (copper, aluminum, brass)

Non-Discharging Shakeouts by Hewitt Robins International Gallery