Foundry Feeder by Hewitt Robins International

Foundry Feeders

Hewitt Robins Foundry feeders are designed to meet your process requirements. From casting metering to alloy addition, Hewitt Robins can supply the ideal equipment to feed your foundry materials.

Hewitt Robins Foundry feeders can be lined with many different materials including stainless steel, Hardox and Ceramic liners dependent on our customer’s needs.

Our feeders can be fitted with either outer balance motors for light duty applications or our mechanical 2 of 4 shafted vibrator units.

Hewitt Robins foundry feeders can also be designed with various discharging points so that castings can be discharged out the front of the feeder, side or even multiple discharging points.



  • Designed to feed sands from shakeouts into sand-reclamation plants
  • Sectors

  • Foundry
  • Minerals Processed

  • Ferrous Sands (iron and steel) and non-ferrous Sands (copper, aluminum, brass)

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