Discharging Shakeout by Hewitt Robins International

Discharging Shakeout

Hewitt Robins ELIPTEX Self-Discharging Shakeouts are designed to discharge varying flasks and castings in high production moulding lines.

Modern high production foundries require shakeouts to match the high tonnages and special requirements of round the clock schedules in electric melting and automatic mould making equipped foundries.

Our ELIPTEX Self-Discharging Shakeouts are custom designed to meet each customer’s unique application and demands of this tough service.

Hewitt Robins can design decks to suit any application from standard grid bar decks, troughed sections, rolled sections for centering castings to special cylinder head or engine block decks that rotate the castings for better sand or shot removal.

We can also supply double deck Self-Discharging Shakeouts to allow the bottom deck to collect the sand and then convey it to the discharge point.



  • To provide speedy removal of mold sand and cores from castings which are discharged off the end or sides of the shakeouts
  • Sectors

  • Foundry
  • Minerals Processed

  • Ferrous Sands (iron and steel) and non-ferrous Sands (copper, aluminum, brass)

Discharging Shakeouts by Hewitt Robins International Gallery